Friday, October 22, 2010

A year in pictures

So, my baby is no longer a baby.  He is a toddler!  A one year old toddler.  He doesn't toddle quite yet, but he can give kisses, and hugs (my two favorite things.) He can yell pretty loud, and blow bubbles in the water.  Best of all, he says Mama!  

The day he was born: 

One Month:

Two Months:

Three Months:

Four Months:

Five Months:

Six Months:

Seven Months:

Eight Months:

Nine Months:

Ten Months:

Eleven Months:

One Year:

Who knew someone so tiny could be so hilarious and awesome?  I love this little boy more than I could ever explain.  He is my whole world, and I thank God everyday for the opportunity to be his Mommy.  

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