Saturday, October 16, 2010

New things in the works

I am working on opening an Etsy shop.  It will of course, be titled Cloud Nine Knits as well.  One of the first products I'll be featuring however, will be hand sculpted polymer clay stitch markers.  Some designs I'll be featuring will be Mickey, three leaf clovers, mini skeins, bluebirds, owls.  I'll be doing "coffee break" sets, flower sets, and much more!

After that I'll be working on hand made play food, crocheted, knit, and sewn.  It will come in sets.  For example, breakfast, fruits, vegetables, dessert, drinks, etc.

I of course will be also working on knitted accessories, and maybe the occasional sewn item.  I also will occasionally put up custom slots for socks and such.  How much I list will likely depend on the response.

After seeing what people are charging for these items online, I am honestly appalled.  One of the many advantages of buying from me is that I will not charge you high prices.  I will not charge more than I myself would pay!

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